by Pattie
5 years ago
Title: Here Comes Summer Author: Pattie Rated: G Category: Kidfic, Alternate Universe. Summary: Scully decides she and the children need a break from the city since school's out, but Mulder does not care to remember his family's summer home. We all know why. Feedback: Archive: Gossamer. Anybody else ask politely, please. Disclaimers: The X-Files, Mulder, Scully and William belong to Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen Productions and Fox Studio. It was my decision to make the family larger. They had yet to hear from Homeland Security. Things were iffy. Friday afternoon wasn't all that busy, so Scully, although she didn't like lying to her husband, asked him and Kersh if she could leave after lunch. With their permission, she left the office and began shopping, then packing clothing for herself, William, Meg, Samantha Ann and James. She was careful enough to ensure there was ice for the cooler; bags of garments and toiletries were hidden in the family van. MULDER RESIDENCE ALEXANDRIA, VA After dinner, while Mulder was in his basement home office, she sat down with the youngsters and advised them to keep her plans to themselves. Then it was Mulder time. "Mulder, since we've been good, Kersh didn't tell you this, but we have a week coming. Since you didn't get around to selling the summer home in Quonoquotaugh, Rhode Island, I think it would be a nice idea to take the children there. Would you come?" "No. I'd rather paint the house and watch it dry, so I'll pass." Scully knew he'd refuse. She held his hand and said gently. "You'll have to get over the bad old days, my dear husband." Silence. "Okay, then. The children will be well taken care of. We'll be fine." "Then do what you want to. I'll call the electrical people tonight and get the neighbor there to set up the water system, check on the septic tank. I'll be fine. The neighbor's name is Wilfred Simpson and he does maintain the garden. Don't worry about me." "You sure?" "I'll be fine. Just call every day. I'll have my cell handy, go to the Y, maybe hang out. I won't go on any paranormal adventure, I promise. You're in for a seven hour drive, Scully." "Don't worry. I can take it. Tea?" "Sure." He wasn't saying much more, but his wife knew Mulder was trying as much as he could to forget the days spent avoiding his parents and playing with Samantha at Quono- quotaugh, Rhode Island. "By the way, I already bought the food and packed our things, except yours." "And they call ME 'Spooky'. You knew I wouldn't agree to go. This calls for a kiss." THIRD SATURDAY OF JULY, 2017 7:00 AM Everybody for the most part were awake and eating breakfast. "Mom," William asked. "A seven hour drive to Quonoquotaugh means a few stops for bathrooms and lunch, you know. What about James? He gets rather bored." "He'll probably nap in the car and he has toys. Since you're older with a driver's license, we can take turns. I have a map for the route, pit stops marked out, and a few years ago your Dad took me out there." "I want my Daddy to come." Meg was starting to cry. Mulder hugged his daughter. "I can't, honey. There are some things I need to do here. I have the house to myself, the lawn needs mowing, so no tears. Besides, you get to make new friends." That cheered her up. After everybody had been strapped in, Scully pulled out, of all things, a cassette, surprising William. "They still make those things?" "I found it at a garage sale, and yes they may be hard to find, but I got a great deal on a pack of ten, blank, unopened ones and since your father manages to save a lot of things, I even managed to find a radio/ cassette player which has a record function. Many of my favorites from a few oldies stations." "Oh jeepers. I know you can't sing, Mom." Cue the famous Mulder pout. As she started the van, Scully grinned. "But I can listen and enjoy." She placed it into the slot. "I'll wait until we're an hour out of town, so you can prepare yourself." About an hour later, Scully decided to play the music on low, since James was napping. "Who the heck is that?' William asked. "Cliff Richard and The Shadows performing 'Here Comes Summer'. And yes, they're still alive." "Sounds okay, I guess." "Mommy, gotta go... " Meg. "Me, too." James added. "Okay, we're almost near Baltimore. I'll find us a diner in case anyone's hungry." As they reached a small diner and the car stopped, there was a cry. James had had a bad dream. Scully handed her set of keys to her son. "Your turn after lunch. Please bring your brother in for me, since he's still dozey." "Sure. C'mon, little brother. I know you're hungry." 'Wonder what it's be like being a Dad', he thought. 'School, jobs, apartment.' he reminded himself. Everbody sat down to order a snack. Scully made sure it was nutritious. William stood and said, "I'd better go, too." "Good idea," Scully replied. "I guess I should, too. Our next stop is Newark, New Jersey for lunch. Eat up, Meg. You're still growing." The girl finished her meal and milk, Scully gave the waitress the money and a tip, and the family was back on the road. As 'Summer in the City' by The Lovin' Spoonful was playing, Scully advised William to roll the windows up. "I need to put on the air conditioning." William had to wonder about all the oldies his mother was so fond of. "Mom, why not the radio for a change? Maybe something modern." "No. I don't want your sisters or brother hearing the swearing or sexual content. You may like it, but I don't." "Except when you're drunk." "Me?" "Don't pretend to be so innocent, Mom. I heard about the time you were being stalked and blasted 'Smashing Pumpkins' in your old apartment before you and Dad... " "Okay. Let me just turn the tape over. Keep your eye on the road." 12:05 PM NEWARK, NEW JERSEY JERRY AND HARVEY'S RESTAURANT The drive seemed to take forever, but it well worth it The family was making good time, and there was no fighting between Meg and Samantha Ann. It woud have been good to have Alison and Mandy, but they needed to work. Again, Scully made certain everybody ate well, rehydrated, and used the restroom. What a surprise. Another cassette with Scully's favorite summer songs, which bored her children somewhat, brought a few laughs and much curiosity. QUONOQUOTAUGH, RHODE ISLAND By 3:07, they had arrived at the old cottage, and Wilfred Simpson was there to greet them. "You must be Fox Mulder's family." "Yes, and my husband showed me your picture. Sir." "Everbody, meet Mr. Simpson." "Hi, I'm Will." "You look just like your father." Samantha Ann and Meg were rather shy and said nothing. James curiously assessed the man silently. "It's okay," the man in his mid-seventies said calmly. "I've known your Daddy since he was knee high to a grasshopper. Ma'am, the electricicty is on, as is the water, the well was tested last week, and the septic tank was flushed." "Well then, we should get down to business," Scully replied. "I have the keys. Okay, everybody. I'll unlock the trunk. Will, help your sisters with their bags while I get the food inside." "I wish Dad had come," Will muttered as he dragged himself from his seat." "Like now, please. We're all tired." The older man grinned. "I dusted down the place and put out fresh linens." "Thank you, Mr. Simpson. Is the telephone connected?" "Give them an hour." "I have a cell phone, so that's not a problem. You're welcome to dinner." "I'll take a rain check," Simpson answered. My daughter is due here soon from New York. Works at Macy's in New York. Gotta go." He was winking. Scully watched the man as he walked away, and wondered why the wink. He was humming Three Dog Night's version of "Joy to the World" as well. Hadn't she one tried to sing that to Mulder years ago? Once everybody was inside the house, she checked on the refrigerator and its freezer section. *Good. Proper temperatures*, she thought. "William, please help me unload the cooler so I can put a few things into the fridge. Then look after your sisters and brother for a while. I need to go into town for milk, juice and a few other things." "Aw Mom, I want to check out the TV for cable." "Don't 'Aw' me. It's run by an aerial. If you're lucky, maybe thirteen to twenty stations. Find something suitable for the younger ones. I'll be back in about forty-five minutes. We can unpack later." "Okay." 5:05 PM Scully washed out pots and pans and began cooking their dinner. Within an hour supper was served. 7:09 PM Rooms were assigned and since William could unpack his own clothing and toiletries, his mother helped the others. To Scully's surprise, the bathroom was very clean, so she bathed her daughters, dressed them for bed, then attended to James. 9:10 PM As Scully and William were watching a movie drinking tea, there was a knock at the door. "Must be the phone company. I'll get it." Another knock. "Keep your shirt on." The woman was absolutely stunned. Mulder!" "Yes," he replied, hugging her and all smiles. "Are you sure you really want to be here?" "Dad, I thought... " "Wrong, Dude. I need a few minutes with your mother." "All right. I'm not done unpacking anyway." William went to his room and decided to run his ipod. "Scully, for the past few weeks I have been seeing a hypnotherapist Karen referred me to and I am fine." "You sure?" "Positive. You've always told me to have faith, and since I am a psychologist, I sought help." "You are full of surprises. I can heat up some chicken and baked potatoes." "You'd better. I drove out here on an empty stomach and I am starving." "I know. The rumbling I hear sure isn't thunder." "Mom!" William shouted. "The phone's hooked up!" "Good!" Scully shouted back. "No long distance calls! And as for you, my dear husband I hope you left your laptop at home, because we're going to the fairgrounds tomorrow." "Not if I tire you out tonight. I have plans for us." "I may be tired, but what the heck. 11:00?" "That's a date. I brought a fan." "Oh, you are full of surprises." END AUTHOR'S NOTE: "Here Comes Summer" is a song written and sung by Jerry Keller, covered by Sir Cliff Richard and others. Scully takes the family on a summer vacation. Plot Generator story, courtesy of the lady who runs The Nursery Files.